about mr. chris

Mr. Chris (formerly known as Archie Cobblepot) is a professional balloon artist, physical comedian, and nincompoop who utilizes balloons to entertain audiences of all ages. Performances include comedy, audience participation, music, a hint of magic, general stupidity, and, of course, balloon sculpture. He is an actor, writer, director, and producer. He is also a world class kazoo player, but doesn't like to brag.

An avid idiot, Mr. Chris was educated by Tiffany Riley, Dick Monday (New York Goofs), and Kenny Raskin in clowning and physical comedy, Christina Gelsone and Seth Bloom (Acrobuffos) in the use of mask, and Barbara Karger (Mummenschanz) and Michael Preston ‚Äč(Flying Karamazov Brothers) in comedy improvisation. He was personally and professionally mentored by the late Pat Cashin, a clown respected by his peers for his passion, knowledge, and talent. 

Mr. Chris is the Creative Director for the Silent Film Project, which is dedicated to keeping the art of silent comedy movies relevant, and has been a member of Clowns of America International since 2009 and the Cashin Clown Alley, where he is currently President, since 2010. He is also a proud member of the International Buster Keaton Society, the International Laurel & Hardy Society, the Red Nose Response, and the Circus Historical Society, and he is listed at the top of Mommy Poppin's 10 Best Clowns in New Jersey (as Archie Cobblepot)

Mr. Chris specializes in corporate events, walk-around performance, carnivals, circuses, parties, fairs, festivals, weddings, restaurants, grand openings, meet and greets, parades, print work and product endorsements, long walks on the beach, and is available for any event you are looking to host!